Welcome to Nancy January Writes for You!

I’m very excited that you have come.  

You see, I love my job as a freelance copywriter, but most people don’t know what that means and how exciting the work is.  

Bluntly defined “copy” is the text that sells a product or service.  But it is so much more!  My copy educates people about the truth of how your business can solve their problem.

And you know what that does for your clients and customers?  

  • Relieves their stress

  • Makes their lives less complicated

  • Let’s them move beyond their problem to


Yes, I said it.  My copy helps your clients and customers find their happiness!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  

Once your clients and customers are happy because of your products or services, they come back for more and spread the word about how great your business is.

Word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers is the best it gets.  Their authentic joy in using your products and services will build your business like nothing else.

And what happens next is truly amazing...YOUR business grows!

A growing business means more money for you, your partners, and your shareholders.

Having the money to be financially secure is important because it:

  • Relieves your stress
  • Makes your life less complicated
  • Let’s you move beyond financial problems to


The power of my copywriting continues to give as your business grows:

  • Creating jobs so others can be financially secure
  • Helping your suppliers build their businesses
  • Supporting transportation systems that move goods in and out of your business

But what does all of that mean on an even larger scale?

My copywriting powers your business by helping clients and customers choose your products and services again and again.

Your business then empowers all your stakeholders to have a better life.

When they prosper, money gets circulated throughout your community and the entire economy.  Essentially, 

YOUR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS becomes a driving force in building a more prosperous and happier world!

Copywriting is my superpower!

But it almost wasn’t.  

Like you, I’d seen advertising agencies in TV shows and movies portrayed as being greedy and without principles--just to make money.  

You bet I wanted no part of that. 

I’ve always known that I was born to write, but I need to write meaningful content that I can write with passion — I need to write something that matters.

So when  I  met  freelance  copywriter  Tina  Lorenz,  the "Queen of Copy" herself, I learned that I can successfully write copy that improves lives with truth and integrity.

Tina is famous for her business-building copy.  When she agreed to mentor me, I was over the moon!  I had found my purpose, my way to be a blessing in this world…


Now, I am a Freelance Certified Funnel Copywriter!

Tina Lorenz Certified Funnel Copywriter Seal

But I write more than sales funnels.  I write everything from simple postcards to full business websites, and everything else your business needs to fully connect and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

I specialize in main street, shopping mall, and home businesses aching to grow.  Working with businesses from a variety of industries keeps me sharp and curious.  

Your passion for your business

fuels my passion for your copy.

Ready to grow your business and contribute prosperity and happiness to the world around you? Book your free call now to learn how copywriting can help grow your business.

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I’ll be talking with you real soon!

Nancy January

Copywriter – Marketing Strategist – Bottom Line Booster

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